Released: 17th May 2014


  • Map → Country - A map will be shown with a country highlighted, choose the correct country!

NEW CHALLENGES (Pro Upgrade only)

  • Countries and Territories of the UK
  • Provinces of Belgium
  • Regions of the Czech Republic
  • States of Malaysia
  • Governorates (States) of Egypt


  • You can now change the colour theme (with Pro Upgrade only) - an alternative dark theme is currently available, with more to be added in future updates
  • Redesigned the boring old stats page


  • We’ve completely overhauled how we keep track of your quiz stats, unfortunately this has meant we’ve had to reset them. Good news is that this means we can show you loads of cool and more interesting/useful stuff in future updates!
  • Also, you're now shown when you beat your personal best for a quiz.


  • Toggle vibration on/off for wrong answers
  • Choose whether or not to include dependent territories (those small islands you’ve probably never heard of) in quizzes. It’s on by default - but feel free to turn this off if you wish to make things a little easier :)
  • If you turn off dependent territories you will get slightly less points per question. (Doesn’t affect challenges or map quizzes)
  • Points bar depletes by 25% on wrong answer to discourage those who rapidly press all answers
  • Fixed a few bugs