Dependent territories are usually small island nations that do not have full political independence or sovereignty, and so are administrated by another country.

An example of a dependent territory is Puerto Rico. For all intents and purposes Puerto Rico is a separate country, however, it is actually governed by the United States of America. Another example is the Caribbean island of Bermuda, this country is actually governed by the United Kingdom.

As stated above, in the majority of cases dependent territories are small island nations. If you're finding it hard remembering lots of these countries that you may have never heard of, it is possible to exclude them from quizzes in the app.

  1. Tap the Settings icon (cog) at the top right of the main screen.
  2. Toggle the switch alongside "Include dependent territories?" (the first option in the list).
Please note that switching this option off will reduce the maximum amount of points you can score on each question of a quiz. This is simply to ensure that users can not intentionally cheat their way to the top of leaderboards by excluding what many might consider to be the more difficult to answer questions.

The concept of dependent territories and the countries we include under this catch-all term can be a complicated issue, one which we've tried to keep as simple as possible for the sake of keeping quizzes fun, and to avoid getting involved with international geo-politics. If you're interested in learning more about this subject, we recommend you start by reading the Wikipedia article which gives a detailed overview what these territories are, and also lists most of them and explains how they are administrated.