If you are looking to change the language of the app, please see this article instead.

Yes! We’d love to make GeoChallenge available in as many languages as possible, but we cannot do this all by ourselves. Fortunately, you can help us out if you know another language fluently.

  1. Head over to translate.midnightlabs.uk; this is our translation website hosted by OneSky. If you don’t already have an account, follow the link to sign up.
  2. Scroll down to the GeoChallenge project, you should see there are 2 sections – one is the App Store description, the other contains all the words and phrases in the app itself (both will need to be fully translated before we can include it in the app).
  3. Find the language you want to contribute to and click on it. You should see several pages of phrases with English on the left, and a box on the right for you to type in the translation. You may see some have already been completed by another translator. This is fine, you can upvote if you agree with their translation, or correct it if you feel it is wrong. If the box is empty, you can type in the translation and press TAB to save it and move on to the next one.

Please ensure you use the correct spelling, proper capitalisation, and include any accents or diacritic marks on letters.

Feel free to skip anything you’re not sure about – you can translate as much or as little as you like – we seriously appreciate all the help we receive, and so do the users of the app! Please note that any translations you provide will be done so on a purely voluntary basis.

If you have any problems or further questions about translating, please feel free to submit a new support ticket and let us know.