Released: 7th November 2016


  • Sleek new icon!
  • Practice mode (no time limits or scoring)
  • Layout improvements when playing a quiz
  • You can change the language within the app
  • Euro 2016 country flags challenge (we know this was over months ago, sorry about the delay!)
  • Pro users: there are now 5 colour themes to choose from
  • Pro users: Night Mode setting (for all colour themes) making it easier on the eyes when playing at night.
  • Pro users: New regional challenge quizzes added: Counties of Estonia (flags), Counties of Romania (maps), Provinces of China (capitals, maps)
  • Bug where the map of Zimbabwe was not showing in map quizzes
  • Rare issue when updating the app where a database upgrade may fail, which could then cause problems with certain quizzes.
  • When playing a quiz in World, the four answer choices will now be from the same continent. Previously this was leading to some cases where the answer was extremely obvious.
  • Challenge quizzes are now separated into Flags, Maps, and Cities sections just like the main quizzes
  • Changed capital of the territory of Montserrat to Brades*
  • Changed capital of the territory of French Southern and Antarctic Lands to Saint-Pierre*
  • Reduced the file size of the app by approximately 25%
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes/improvements.

* These changes are explained in this article.